Stinger Q-Tip Cleaners

Stinger Q-Tip Cleaners


The STINGER Q-Tip Cleaners - Created by Human Sucks - Keep your STINGER clean with these specially designed, thin Q-Tips.


Each Q-Tip has an individual package. Both ends of each Q tip are tightly wrapped with premium cotton.

These Q-Tips are specially designed for cleaning the Heating Tips of the STINGER Electric Nectar Collector, nothing else! Certainly not your ears!

It's super easy to insert the heating tip. Simply access the heating tip and air path of your STINGER and insert away! PLEASE ENSURE YOUR DEVICE IS TURNED OFF!

Absolutely the most convenience tool to help you to clean the stubborn wax on your STINGER.


Don‘t forget to clean your Stinger regularly! A clean STINGER is a happy STINGER



50x Q-Tip Cleaners