Stinger Replacement Heating Atomizer Tips (2x)

Stinger Replacement Heating Atomizer Tips (2x)


The STINGER Replacement Heating Atomizer Tips - Created by Human Sucks - Keep your dabs tasting fresh with a set of new Replacement Heating Atomizer TIps.


The Atomizer Heating Tip for the STINGER electric nectar collector is one of the best technologies developed by Human Sucks.


Using a coil-less ceramic heating element to maintain the tip temperature, it helps to keep the vapor generally smoother, it also prevents direct contact between the coil and concentrate, which could cause a burnt taste. This feature also makes cleaning simple and easy.

The tip was designed to have a 4mm diameter, allowing you to collect every last drop from your wax container, minimizing the wastage of your concentrate.

The atomization system distributes heat evenly, and sublimates the dab into the vapor of the fullest proportions!

One of the most outstanding points for the tip is that it only takes 5 seconds to heat up, no more waiting time for dabbing. The ultimate mission is completed!



2x Replacement Heating Atomizer Tips