Strawberry Skrilla Feminized

Strawberry Skrilla Feminized


Each pack of Strawberry Skrilla contains: 7 Female Seeds

Strawberry Skrilla by Compound Genetics is the latest release from these widely sought-after Cannabis breeders and makes up part of their new Jokerz line of Cannabis hybrid strains. Jokerz is a hybrid strain that pairs the infamous White Runtz with the Jet Fuel Gelato pollen that has remained a staple across Compound Genetics' strains. 

Strawberry Skrilla packs heavy, sweet strawberry candy terps from the Red Pop mother cut, but thankfully, she packs on some extra gas and candy from the Jokerz side of the lineage. Compound Genetics notes a lot of variability amongst the colours. Still, most of the selections had a range of green and purple hues contrasted by bright but soft orange hairs and deep burgundy and purple-coloured leaves. 

The Red Pop mother is bred by Exotic Genetix, one part Cookies & Cream and one part a Strawberry leaning hybrid with unknown Cookie parentage; she definitely leans heavily on those candied Strawberry aromas. 

Strawberry Skrilla is beautiful with complex fall colours; she has a similar morphology to the Red Pop parent in most phenos, expressing how stable these genetics are. As a result, there is generally tight internodal spacing. They advise high yields, a medium stretch factor, and excellent resin production and density. Strawberry Skrilla tests in the range of 27-30%+ and has decadently sweet notes of Strawberry Candy with sweet yet gaseous tinges. She is typically an 8-9 week flowering strain. 


  • Lineage: Red Pop x Jokerz #31
  • Flower Time: 8-9 Weeks
  • Yield: High
  • Aroma: SWEET - Strawberry candy, sweet, gas


Please remember these seeds are for souvenir or novelty purposes only. They are not to be germinated.
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