The Driver - All Sizes

The Driver - All Sizes


New for 2023!
Introducing - The Driver!

Say hello to the first collaborative effort between Taylor Made Extracts and Glob Glass.

Playing Golf is one of Taylor's favourite passtimes, it seemed a no brainer to name this bucket after the most widely used club, the Driver, as we believe this will become your daily.. ahem.. driver......


This is a similar Banger to the Gridlock, but with the following improvements:

  • Taylor suggested a tweak to the ever-loved Gridlock bucket and add some directional cut outs so that it can be used without a carbcap. This idea made sense and was very well received and here we are!
  • A shortened the neck to improve airflow and ease-of-cleaning.
  • The holes in the side of the bucket allows the oil to spin in the bucket and reach the nucleate sites in the lattice bottom floor of the driver achieving bigger clouds!



  • Crazy hits even at lower temps
  • Gives a more profound expression of terpenes
  • Bevelled rim and full weld as always
  • Lab grown quartz



  • Total Height:  46.5mm
  • Driver Internal Diameter: 20mm
  • Driver External Diameter: 25mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Base Thickness: 4mm
  • Angled Inlet Ports: 2x Holes