The Transporter

The Packs Protect Transporter is currently the biggest in the range at approx 7.5inch x 10.5inch.

All packs protect bags have sealed zips. This unique design feature helps to keep any odours that are in the bag, “in” the bag whilst also helping with the waterproof nature of the bags. 

The 2 larger sizes of packs protect bags (the Transporter and the Banker) feature an internal heavy duty Velcro strip just below the opening of the bag.  This was a bonus feature that we added to create an extra security barrier between the contents of the bag and the sealed zip fastening.

Perfect for keeping your private things, private. 

All the Packs Protect bags have a 3 digit lock which can be set to personal preference by the owner to keep the contents of the bag secure. Packs Protect bags are odour retaining, keeping smells from escaping whilst also preventing any unwanted odours from getting in.

Packs Protect bags are all made from a tough durable material that will reasonably withstand any accidental water or drink spillages that may occur in or around their immediate area.

All Packs Protect bags come with a strap or attachment loop, which allows them to be easily carried or secured further for extra peace of mind


  • Measures: 7.5" x 10.5"
  • 3 Digit Lock
  • Internal Divider
  • Splash Proof
  • Carbon Lined 
  • Odour Absorbing