Zlurpi Feminized

Zlurpi Feminized


Each pack of Zlurpi contains: 7 Female Seeds

Zlurpi by Grounded Genetics (Feminized Release) is one of the new Zkittlez-infused hybrids that make up their new Z Road line.

The mother of the Zlurpi came from little isolated pollination on several branches of Runtz using the reversed Zkittlez pollen that was gifted to Grounded Genetics by Karma Genetics. Given that the Zkittlez is a very finicky girl to work with, it was no massive surprise to the team that the feminized pollen had exceptionally low viability and resulted in just a few seeds.

Nevertheless, Grounded Genetics was determined to pop them and found a pretty solid representation of both of these exotic parent strains. This Runtz x Zkittlez aka Z Runtz hybrid was used as a receiver for the reversed Z road pollen. The (Runtz x Zkittlez) x Z Road reaches far deeper back into the cookie lineage and unlocks some flavours you might not expect but still have the underlining Z terp prevalent in most of the phenotypes found in the Zlurpi. 

Zlurpi typically flower in weeks 8 & 9 of flowering, and you can expect a 2x stretch. 


  • Lineage: Z Runtz (Zkittlez x Runtz) x Z Road
  • Yield: Medium
  • Flowering: 8-9 Weeks


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