Riptide Spinner Cap 2.0

The Riptide Spinner Cap is the easiest way to get those Terp Beads spinning!

The six conveniently placed air holes are angelled correctly to divert the incoming airstream into spinning everything round and round and round! Like it's own mini cyclone, it can certainly get things moving.

Made with borosilicate glass, the Riptide is solid and it's size makes it perfect to use with all 25mm and 30mm bangers.

**For best results, ensure the banger base is flat and level when using then Riptide Cap and Terp beads. If the banger base is not level, the beads will not spin freely**

Available in three different colours: Pink, Green and Black

Terp bead link: HERE

  • Height: 38mm (+/-1mm)
  • Diameter below skirt: 19mm
  • Angled holes: 6x