Terp Beads 6mm

Perfect to aid vaporization of materials within a banger, these glass Terp beads help prevent cold spots forming in the banger and provide a faster, more even vaporization.

For those looking to improve Cold Start dabbing without having to purchase a new banger or Insert, Terp Beads provide an ideal interim solution.

Remember to keep them as clean as your banger, otherwise cross contamination from old material to new may affect their performance.


You can use any Bubble or directional Carb cap - but to really get these beads moving, we recommend using the Riptide Spinner Cap in conjunction with them. 

 **For best results, ensure the banger base is flat and level when using then Riptide Cap and Terp beads. If the banger base is not level, the beads will not spin freely**

  • 6mm Clear Glass Beads