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Even More Ethos!

We've just uploaded the latest drop from the masters over at Ethos Genetics; this time it's mainly regular seeds that you've all been asking us for, so they should keep most, if not all, of you happy!

Some of these beauties have came back with tests over 30% Total Cannabinoid content, so you're sure to find something special for your collection within these collectables.

Choose from the following strains:

Banana Hammock (Fem, 6 seeds)

Sour OG Cheese (Fem, 6 seeds)

Teemple of the Dawg (Reg, 15 seeds)

Citral Flo (Reg, 15 seeds)

Ethos OG (Reg, 15 seeds, Limited Release)

Temple Kush A Line (Reg, 15 seeds)

Temple Kush B Line (Reg, 15 seeds)

Lemon Grape Bubba Temple (Reg, 10 seeds, Limited Release)


To find the whole range of Ethos Genetics Seeds, click the link below:


Easy now!

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