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Lift Tickets, Old Dutch Genetics update & another new Breeder!

Hi Folks!

So it's been a while....lots of gear are grinding at the moment and fingers crossed, fortune favours the path we're on....for if it does, we'll be more than just a website...

But on with the show for now!


Old Dutch Genetics have kindly provided us with some more information on their strains, each listing has been updated so please check them out to find out more.

Old Dutch Genetics


We also welcome Oni Seed Company to our stable; they've been gaining in popularity across the world and we're pleased to say that as of now, we have them all in stock, including the elusive Tropicanna Cookies!

Find them here: Oni Seed Company


We also have a super limited drop coming of Dying Breed Seeds landing asap; so stay tuned to our instagram for more info on when they drop.


Another cracking new product we've just landed are the amazing Lift Tickets Terpene Infused Cones. These beauties are made in the industrious legal state of California, where they're able to remove strain specific terpenes and infuse them info pre-rolled smoking cones. That's right, actual specific cannabis flavoured papers; now you can create your own flava combination creations!

Find them here: Lift Tickets


We'll have more updates for you soon, and hopefully a card processor! 


Easy now!

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