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Welcome to the Relaunch!

Hello and welcome!!

Come on in!

Take a seat and have a browse while we introduce you to our brand new website, a project that's single-handedly taken myself over 7 months of late nights, frustration, plenty of coffee, numerous errors and countless online lessons to get it ready for all you lovely people out there in the tinterweb.

The fact that you're here and reading it means - at the very minimum - it's actually bloody working!! Hurrah!


You might be asking, "Well, What's new?"

Please allow yourself a minute or two to read on and we'll indulge you...


  • New Website & Branding!

You'll undoubtedly have noticed the website is different as well as our logo. It's been over three years now since Simply Souvenirs was launched and it's high time for a new look and customer experience. No, not the world-class customer service we're proud to bring you, but the shopping experience through the new website.


  • New Freebies

We've only gone one step further with our branding and have splashed out on a whole bunch of branded merch! Papers, Slaps, Hats, T-Shirts, Shopping Bags, you'll receive a mixed selection with each and every order placed (obviously the number of freebies is based on purchase spend). We've covered the important bases but if you think we've missed something, holla at us and if we include it in our line up, you'll get one of the first for free - a courtesy for you and your idea of course.


  • New Discount Challenges

As with every order, you'll always receive a 5% discount code - but starting today and depending on your participation, this can be bumped up to 20%!


We'll reward an additional 5% discount for completing each of the following challenges:

-Take a Photo of your received order and tag us on social media

-Leave us a positive review on our Trustpilot page - Providing you’re happy with your order - If there’s something wrong please get in touch first and allow us to resolve the problem.

-Take a Photo of our sticker placed somewhere outside and tag us on social media


If you'd like to claim your additional discount, please get in touch with us on any platform (Email, Facebook, IG) and provide a screenshot of the completed challenge and we'll generate your unique discount code - Simple, yet so rewarding for all involved!


  • A Reduced Number of Seed Breeders

Some of you may have noticed a number of breeders have been removed from our main menu - this has been one of those business decisions to make - do we try and cater for everyone or focus on the main people we know and carry?

The decision was rather simple really - Quality always wins over Quantity

Over the coming year we will aim on promoting our main breeders clearer and bolder - they're all so dedicated to their work and have all produced some fantastic strains - it's a shame to see them lose prominence amongst the myriad of so many mid-level mid breeders. 

We're also aiming to produce a short series of podcasts or interviews with the breeders themselves, bringing them closer to you, showing their ethos, work ethics and what makes them so passionate about the plant.


  • New Sections & Products - Storage, Dab/Vapes & Accessories

Okay, Okay - We'll admit this isn't exactly new, however we have expanded the number of products within these sections to cater for your wider choices - after all, we have more than one sort of customer browsing these pages!



That about covers it really! I could go on, but you're not here to read me waffle on - Go and browse some products already!


As always, I thank you for reading, spending your valuable time here and supporting our business - we wouldn't be here without you lovely people.

One love y'all!!

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