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Quartz Bangers, Rigs & More! New Product Range!

Hey Hey!

It has been waaaaaay too long since we updated our blog, and what better time to do it when we're launching a brand new product range!


We're super excited to bring to you something different for a change!

A range of high quality of one-piece Quartz Bangers (the Spectrum & the Quantum), a Cold-Start Quartz Banger (the Prophecy), Bubble Caps, Spinner Caps, dabbing tools and accessories and...the start of our Glass work and Rig collection! 


Ok, we might only have two rigs in stock right now...but this will soon change, especially is the customer demand for it is there...after all it's what drives us - to serve you the more unique items from the wider Cannabis Community.

The Bangers are available in both 10mm and 14mm MALE fittings, with 45° & 90° stems.


All the Bangers and other accessories you can currently find in our store are supplied by Glob Glass, a procurer of all things Quartz and dabbing. We're super happy to work with him and bring these products to the wider market.


Please click HERE to view the entire Glob Glass product range and to read more about his product development origin journey.....

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